Design Build

Mazza Mechanical Services understands the design-build process, so we begin with the end in mind. Construction presents the opportunity for overwhelming decisions and schedules. Our mission is to approach a project from the owner’s perspective.

Facility owners want reliable and energy efficient HVAC systems. They also want to have the benefit of affording the best in class equipment without over paying. Systems need to be installed with controllability and maintenance in mind. We employ a team that understands these basic, yet commonly over looked fundamentals.

Mazza Mechanical Services possesses the knowledge and hands on experience of knowing which system is right for the application. There is something to be said for having, “been there and done that."

Equipment vendors and sub-contractors are selected at the beginning of the design process to solidify the team approach, all working toward one common goal. This brings the best ideas to the design phase so that financial decisions can be made and costly change orders eliminated.

Our design-build customers experience:

  • A project delivered that fits your budget and needs, not ours.
  • More time to worry about your business in lieu of the project.
  • Honest and direct communication.
  • Single source responsibility as Mazza Mechanical Services is the turn key provider (fewer contracts).
  • Fully coordinated and engineered drawings before any construction are started.
  • The project schedule is developed by the team whom is actually executing the work.
  • Forgoing the conventional bidding process and elimination of costly errors.
  • Piece of mind knowing that safety is a way of life at Mazza Mechanical Services and our projects are conducted recognizing the current regulations.
  • A project delivered on time.

We employ an experienced staff that knows the value of a job done right the first time.

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